IAINTNOSAINT is now On The Road Tattoo. The Abbots Langley Tattoo Studio may be closed but the Tattoos are still flowing. The new venture is causing quite a stir.  

Welcome to On The Road Tattoo!

Colour Tattoos

  Just a few of the colour tattoos that I have done over the last 15 years. The galleries are constantly updated so keep checking back.

Black and grey all day

Black and Grey Tattoos are my “bread an butter”. If you are looking for something in Black and Grey then get in touch and lets collaborate.


But be warned the photographs do not do it justice. Yes it is a truck and yes it is completely mobile and fully licensed. It is also a growing work of art in its own right, follow the truck gallery to watch it transform


The tattoo comes to you. You have found the UK’s premier mobile tattoo studio. Learn more about my concept here

It’s worse than I thought! Your perception of a guy tattooing in the back of a van is really not that good is it? Scrub that mental picture from your minds eye!

I am pleased to say that I am receiving some very honest and amusing feedback on the tattoo racetruck. I have come to realise that as people see the truck with their own eyes for the first time (usually whilst booking in to get tattooed). They are happy to tell me exactly what they were expecting, and it really is not a good look.

I have said it before and I will say it again: if you are expecting a big hairy arsed tattooer in the back of an oily old Ford Transit van, who uses an old rag to wash down the tattoos, then you are going to be sorely disappointed.

To be honest, I am dreading the day that someone books me expecting a big oily hairy arsed tattooer in an old banger of a van. Because I am going to have to deal with their disappointment and I cant help but wonder what type of person to expect?

Now think about the other end of the scale. #State of the art #21st century #Limo style #VIP #private jet #one up on the Jones’s #unique #ballin #wavy. The truck makes curtains twitch. Its private so no one can see inside but it looks pretty cool from the outside so everyone wants to see inside…. but they cant.

It is exclusive.

And for the time that you book the truck, it is exclusive to you. If you want to invite the family and select friends in to the truck to have a look, then that is your call. Your more curious neighbours may find the website. At which point you can inform them that: “the pictures do not do it justice” for you will not be lying.


The tattoo race truck has style

And it will get better. I have a lot of customisation plans for the interior involving both the airbrush and pinstripe brushes. To start with I am planning to paint the table in the waiting room as an Ouija board. I figure if there is nothing on the TV then you can summon up demons whilst waiting.

I plan to airbrush every flat surface and door of the interior. When I slide open the side door of the truck I do not just want you to be impressed. I want your jaw to quite literally hit the floor.

So I am not going to pursue any airbrush work or commissions or new projects, It is time to concentrate on the Truck and my little Suzuki van “dirty Arry”. Not only will it be the  first in over thirty years of airbrushing that I will complete a project for myself. Hopefully in the time it takes to get both vehicles sorted I will have really sharpened both my airbrush and in particular my pin striping and sign writing skills.


There is no good news with regard to my Isle of Man TT plans. Ever the optimist I will be starting to add some features to “dirty Arry”. An old school roof rack alongside a new school bullet roof rack. A kitchen of sorts. Jerry Can and ladder for the tailgate and finally a bike rack for my pit bike

The inspiration for the tattoo race truck comes from the race track.

My pit bike is getting rebuilt. It was parked after it’s last crash so now is the time to fix it and crash it again. It transpires that an old racing buddy of mine has magic fingers when it comes to tuning these little motors. Who knew? That he had been blatantly cheating every time that we took to the track. I kind of knew but in all honesty thought his engine would blow up and I would get much amusement from the situation. Instead of which he ran rings around me, in truth he is no where near my level as a rider.

A fact that has been argued for nearly twenty years.

His son, Ruben Bray (pictured), is however, a bit special. Hopefully when the Tattoo Race Truck has established itself I can offer some support for his racing endeavours. If you are reading this and looking for a tax write off then “I know a guy”.

In the meantime I decided I needed my engine tuned and low and behold dad managed to magic up a new white Arai race helmet. I have a feeling at least one airbrush job is on the horizon.

Follow the madness as it happens, it is all part of the story.

Find out what I do for fun and follow the trucks adventures

The tattooing has been good. The weather has been awful but it is all good in the truck. A picture speaks a thousand words so I will let the tattoos speak for themselves. Thankfully word of mouth has kicked in, I am not dependent on the internet, people are actually talking about my work and my truck.

I had my first studio expense this week. New Brembo discs and pads all around the Tattoo Race Truck. As a keen driver I can appreciate this repair, nice sharp brakes with plenty of bite and feel, I cannot wait to take it for a bit of a drive.

I make no secret that I gained no joy from maintaining a building in Abbots Langley that I did not own, especially as it had more wrong with it than previously advertised.

This expense is more than acceptable.

So was the service from J.DEP Motors in Bedmond. They came very highly recommended. I was somewhat concerned when I dropped the truck off as it seemed busy and they seemed rushed. I was worried that they had not fully taken on board my requirements. My concerns were quickly put to rest with a detailed update via a phone call and a complete list of options before they proceeded with any work.

I am very pleased with the results. I already knew that the discs needed “bedding” in but it was nice that Joe emphasised this with clear driving instruction. The truck is booked back in for a complete service.

The website galleries will be getting updated this week, I promise. I will be doing some extra work on the site as well as adding a page offering artist opportunities. Other tattoo news is not new: If you do not want your tattoo to hurt when being done, then drink loads of water leading up to your tattoo and lay off the caffeine.

Alternatively… suck it up Buttercup.

I can numb the tattoo to a certain degree but I cannot work miracles. Does it hurt, yes it does. But if you look at my work, you will not see wobbly lines where the customer has been jumping about. You will also notice that my clients return. I have not had anyone jump out of the chair because they cannot carry on. In fact, all of my recent customers have done really well, we have had some great “sits”.

All that said, everyone, at some point during the tattoo whether big or small, has a bit of a moan about how much it hurts.

That is how much they hurt…. I hope that helps?

My tattoo products and equipment are being constantly updated. Now that I have taken the step into the modern day tattoo process, I find myself buying vastly overpriced foaming tattoo wash, because it smells nice. I now decorate my “machine” with cammofluage grip tape.

How I execute a tattoo is changing with the new equipment and technology, the game has most certainly changed beyond recognition in the fifteen years since I started. I do like the new needles.

There are some nice big tattoo projects to start next week, in between which I will be on the dreaded ebay. I need to “lighten the load” so to speak if I am to hit the road proper. One item that I will be selling really breaks my heart. But I just don’t have room in my life for it anymore…

It is a Jaguar S Type R 2003. It has done 76,000 miles, it has full service history, Apple car play and a banging sound system. It is an absolute Pocket watch and they are popular in the tattoo world. OK, so it is not a Range Rover Sport but it does have the same supercharged engine. I believe it was also in the Aston Martin. This is a massive car for £6999.00 I am sad to sell it. One day it will be collectable and worth a huge amount in my opinion. They made this model for just one year before a facelift.

If you are a customer think of it like this, I will be spending most of what I get for the Jag on the trucks. So if you buy it then your tattoo experience gets better.

I may even throw in some free hours.

Tattoo Rates


The instagram page is kept up to date, so why not give it a follow and see what the Tattoo Race Truck is up to next


I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS BLOG POST. Bookmark the news page so that you can keep up to speed with the adventures 


All of the information you will need to care for your new tattoo will be provided  at the time of the tattoo. You can buy Super Tattoo Sauce here

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the diary is open

Life is definitely getting back to normal, whatever that is? I could do with being busier and I have some gaps in my diary, now would a good time to book. The diary is certainly picking up speed.

Roll on the good weather, I have some sign-writing planned.

I always have space for tattoo work and now I have more free time to draw up and design my own tattoos. If you have an idea and you believe that I am the right artist to collaborate with then please get in touch

I can guarantee a tattoo experience that I do not believe anyone else in the UK is offering.

On The Road Tattoo is a Tattoo studio that delivers in every sense of the word.

I look forward to working with you.

You can email design ideas to

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