Is it really three weeks since I was congratulating myself on having an up to date blog? Did we really just lose the “twisted instigator”? Has the country gone completely mad since my last post?

It sure feels like it.

You will have to excuse my absence as February has been something of a roller coaster. The @tattooracetruck has been a source of great pleasure, I am enjoying my tattooing again and I could not be more pleased with how the truck is performing.

The “fallout” from closing the I Aint no Saint Studio in Abbots Langley I could do without. A small number of people tried to take liberties, no one was unfairly treated or “left in the lurch” that is not my style. The CPS informed me that the guy who broke into the studio got seven years in prison, this brings me no joy, I would rather he had not done it in the first place and I still had my fish tanks. Seven years is a long time.

The fish could have lived for up to sixteen years, that is an even longer time.

But then he did assault a policeman on his way out of the door so I guess thats a game changer.

Finally my accountant informed me that my studio “I Aint No Saint” was doing much better than I thought it was and I thought it was doing pretty good to be fair. So I closed the doors on a profitable little business. This is a cause of mixed emotions when added to the news that several businesses in the village of Abbots Langley have been broken into since I left. One of which was hit twice.

No police were assaulted and I have heard of no arrests being made.

So as much as I miss money as much as the next person there is a lot to be said for personal wellbeing and happiness. You will have to excuse my recent absence as I have been recovering my mojo.

This was not helped by the Isle of Man Steam Packet company. To be fair they hit me with the dreaded news that I expected: it did not matter how small my Suzuki Carry van was, unless I could  fit it  in my pocket and walk on with it, then I would not be going to either the Isle of man TT or the Isle of Man classic TT, they are fully booked. To give them their due the Steam Packet Company deserve an A+++ for customer service. A very lovely lady discussed all of my future options, pricing and loads of different availabilities for me.


Or not? Whilst sitting at the ACE Cafe in London lamenting my luck during a pit stop, surrounded by old school bikes and news clippings. I had quite an interesting conversation that gave me a glimmer of hope. I also had the first test of my vegan faith. I don’t know if it is the slight whiff of two stroke racing oil in the air mixed with sizzling bacon ( possibly my imagination) that turned my head or that the ACE just do a stunning fry up?

I had to remind myself that I have allergies and that the juice is just not worth the squeeze…. oh, and lets not forget the poor piggies feelings.

Then in a further stunning development this weekend, I found myself talking to someone on the actual Isle of Man. So all hope is not lost, just 99.9% of it.

I need nothing short of a miracle or lottery win to get on that Island this year.

Now that the I Aint No Saint Tattoo studio is finally fully closed and all of the administration and clean up is behind me. I have quite a clear diary, so if you are looking to get something done and get something done quickly, get in touch.
My minimum charge is £80 for the local area and my hourly rate is £80 an hour, with fifteen years experience tattooing I am relatively quick and I like to turn out clean work at a fair price. I am open to doing “deals” on bigger pieces or for people who want to do long sits. I will also discount for truly stunning ideas. More colour work please, don’t get me wrong I do love doing black and grey work but I have a load of new World Famous inks that I am desperate to try.

There have been some really good tattoo sessions over the last three weeks, involving a lot of continuation work. I have yet to get my head around using the Go Pro equipment on a daily basis and with Anna now fully focussed on her own company in her own right ( ). I am somewhat lacking on photographic content and action shots. 

Time flies in the truck and sessions go past really quickly. I used to need a break on the hour every hour but now I find myself happily tattooing away for two or three hours at a time, completely undisturbed and completely focussed. Customers are happy as well, everyone is commenting on how much more comfortable the custom tattoo chair is than what I had before.

Not everyone has a driveway long enough for the tattoo race truck. Some do not want the family or those that they live with to know that they are getting tattooed. Sometimes people want to get tattooed by me but live outside my licensed area.

None of this is an issue. For a start the whole truck can run off batteries so I don’t need electricity, I can tattoo anywhere, it will be solar powered soon as I do care about the environment. All we need is a nice interesting location.

As much as it has been fun tattooing outside of a local CO-OP (perfectly legally) in stealth mode. With the whole world going by without a clue as to what was taking place but feet away. The CO-OP is not that picturesque, nor does it have a great deal of history.

Once the novelty of actually having lunch during an all day sit wore off, I realised that location and lunch are very important to me… and my clients, we can do better. So I am currently negotiating some great locations to tattoo in that may just happen to serve unbelievably good food throughout the day.

Even if you have a really long driveway to park on, we don’t actually have to use it.

I am pleased to say that the Gate in Bricketwood will be one such location. I frequented the Gate in my teens and it has recently been taken over and refurbished. I have heard some really good reviews about the new menu and it is in a great setting.  I have an afternoon tattoo sitting booked there on the 16th March 2019 and I can see it being a popular choice as a location for a chilled out tattoo.

Check out the partners page of this website  soon for more information on the Gate and look forward to a picture rich blog post dedicated to the tattoo session in the not too distant future.

Hopefully this is the first of many such announcements as I am talking with some really cool locations and some quite big brands. The Truck has not been an easy sell so far, I underestimated peoples perception of a tattoo studio in a truck. Not many people share my enthusiasm initially.

People do warm to the idea once they review the website and the social media but as was pointed out to me this weekend the pictures so far do not do the Tattoo Race Truck justice. Seeing is not only believing but it is an absolute game changer.

I actually have a new favourite quote from someone seeing the finished truck for the first time. They had already seen the converted van with an empty studio in the back but not the fully working finished product.

“when I saw it empty, I thought the poor dumb b*****d has spent all this money and there is no way he is getting a chair to go in there….. now I am seeing the backs of ankles go up on instagram”

I love honesty, If only there were more of it around.

It’s fair to say that I have the tattooing equivalent of the Tardis. Seeing is believing so now I just have to show it off a bit to get the business bouncing.

My mobile Tattoo Studio is so good that I am going to start building a second one. I feel pretty confident that I am not the only tattoo artist who wants to own their own studio rather than lease it, I see some potential in growing On the Road Tattoo. I have no desire to “employ” people but I could bring new meaning to the word “chair rental”.

I intend to build the next truck from the ground up, with this in mind I see quite a big workshop in my near future, one capable of converting trucks. Where, how and why? Those answers I do not have yet, nor do I know what I will need? Investors? Sub Contractors? I feel pretty confident that I will need money that I more than likely do not have but that is usually a given at the start of any project. The two thing’s I do have are the blueprint and fully working prototype.

One thing I do know is that 2019 will bring some big changes for me, it should be both interesting and challenging and a little bit scary. Having become  “institutionalised” over the last five years by my routine this all seems a touch daunting.

So I will be giving everything a great deal of thought whilst I rebuild my pitbike. Which I will then take on track and more than likely crash. Because that will put everything in perspective.

I met the lead singer of the Prodigy, not at a gig but in the BSB paddock at Brands Hatch, he shook my hand and we chatted bikes and tattoos…..

“My school results were terrible and I don’t know how to wallpaper or do anything else.Without this group and this job,I could be making lives a little more miserable for everyone by being the nasty one on the counter at a McDonald’s somewhere. Think about it.”………….. Keith Flint.
Mr 1990’s and a ledgit member of the racing familia may you Race in Peace.

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