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due to the versitility of the studio i am always looking for new locations


Have you ever thought to yourself that your business could benefit from an “in house” Tattoo Studio? Only for the idea to be quickly dashed upon costing and local authority Health legislation requirements?
The on The Road Tattoo Studio is a fully self contained mobile tattoo studio. It meets all of the local Health Authority Requirements and legislation with ease. Already licensed in two counties, I am looking to broaden my horizon and become licensed in other areas of the UK.

I am looking for interesting locations in which to tattoo. Moreover I am prepared to pay for the right locations. I am seeking out businesses that have synergy with my own. So that I can bring my mobile tattoo studio to your location and perhaps serve your customers or bring more customers to your business.

With a permanent address and the space to park the possibilities are endless.

Obviously all of the local licensing requirements will be dealt with by On The Road Tattoo. As long as the local Authorities operate under the new Tattoo by laws: then a license to tattoo on your premises should be a formality.
All of the boring stuff such as: medical waste disposal contracts and public liability insurance. Are fully taken care of. I also have treatment insurance for complete peace of mind. The only drain (excuse the pun) on your business would be a 240v plug socket, if available? The On The Road Tattoo Studio is capable of running from 12volt power for fifteen hours at a time. This means that the studio doesn’t require electricity.

I already have several locations and businesses in mind where I believe I can add value.

Perhaps upon reading this page you have other ideas? If so it would be great to hear them. I believe I can add some value, interest and intrigue to any event or location. After all my truck is a great ice-breaker and really gets people talking. Not just because it is like the Tardis when you step inside, but because of the “stealth mode” in which I can tattoo cable free, on 12v power and no one outside of the truck is any the wiser.

In the Hot Rod world it would be called a “sleeper”.

Are you intrigued? Get in touch, for a regular spot in the right location I would be happy to pay a ground rent or share my profits depending on the circumstances.

The truck is also available for Tattoo Conventions, Corporate Events and Private Events.

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