Fingers crossed we have reached the End Of Lockdown number two.

Thankfully I can get back to doing what I love to do, tattoo.

Unfortunately I wont be tattooing until the end of next week, maybe I can get back on the road earlier but I will have a lot of work to do before the tattoos start.

The diary will need a complete rebuild. I will be trying my best not to disrupt appointment dates but it wont be easy. I have a whole months worth of customers who have missed their slots, some of whom have already been waiting a longtime to get in the chair. The plan is to try and keep everyone happy, I will need some luck!




I am blessed in that I have a great bunch of customers all of which tend to help me out when I am up against it. Also, this is not our “first rodeo”, we have had to do this once before. 

On Monday the 1st of Feb 2021 I will be contacting everyone that has a deposit down in order to confirm bookings and where necessary re-book people in. You do not have to wait for my email, if you are concerned about your appointment please feel free to email me on Monday.

Email remains the best form of contact. My UK mobile number has now been disconnected so do not text or call unless you have the new number. I will be giving the new number out either in person or on email, I cannot publicise it on the site or social media due to endless calls from across and these new scams that seem to farm the internet for mobile numbers, it is most annoying.




If you have already signed up to the newsletter then thank you, it will be a great tool going forward to get news and developments straight to your inbox. If you have not done so then please do so now, there will be a mystery prize every month for someone drawn at random.

Currently all of the remaining 2020 merchandise is on sale in the online shop. there are some great bargains to be had, in many cases we are selling the old stock at less than we paid to have it made! The quality is really high and these pieces will last a longtime as all of the logo’s are screen printed using traditional techniques. Take a look and grab a bargain.




Soon there will be a few pieces of the 2021 merchandise in the shop. Due to COVID  it has been slow getting the 2021 products delivered. For the new merchandise we have decided to take a step back and go for a retro style using the original logo, so if you are into a retro look with a little bit of bling you are going to really like it. I have fought hard to get some great pricing which  am passing on to you. I am proud to see people repping the On The Road Brand, so we are placing exposure over profit for 2021. I think when it drops that the prices may surprise you…. 


In future we will be supplying exclusive discount codes through the newsletter, but on this occasion type in lockdown10 when prompted to get an extra 10% off the new apparel and sale items.

It’s a bit early for any new “news”, after all I am still in lockdown while writing this. But there has been one interesting development. A friend and well known London tattoo artist: Lal Hardy, has been putting his lockdown time to great use. He has been creating some awesome artwork on banknotes from all around the world. His bank note art has already been featured in Total Tattoo magazine. I noticed that Lal didn’t have any Manx notes in his collection so sent him a few to work on. I am really looking forward to see what he does with them and hopefully I can post a link to the results soon….

Hopefully we are going to have a great summer season tattooing. I cant wait to see everyone and catch up. That said lets continue the good work, if you think you have any COVID symptoms then do the right thing and follow the government advice, you know it makes sense…..


Don’t Get Left Behind!