Let’s deal with the elephant in the room: If you book On The Road Tattoo do not expect some big old hairy ass biker type tattooer, driving a mark one Transit billowing smoke to rock up on your drive. 

If that is what you are after then you need the second page of google search, trust me he exists. Of all the problem that I thought I would encounter with the Tattoo Race truck, misconception was not one of them. Customers who have known me for years and have been extensively tattooed. Seem a little bit apprehensive about getting in the truck and getting tattooed. Once in the chair and watching a bit of Netflix the apprehension passes And they seldom want to go home… until you remind them that they are at home.

Unless the tattoo is incomplete. People always “bolt” when a tattoo is finished, it’s like the end of a relationship. You are not sure when you will see each other again and although it’s been “emotional” it’s best not to make a big deal out of saying goodbye. So I had to laugh when my client “bolted” the other night.

I had to call after him: “don’t go! I am still plugged in!”.

On first stepping into the truck the reactions have been varied. This is: sick, gangster, dope, awesome, amazing and wavy? The truck is going straight into instagram stories and customers who have already set foot in the truck enjoy giving their mates the guided tour so much so that it saves me a job. Exactly the reaction I was looking for. My favourite reaction so far was from a two day sitting. The customer walked out of his back door at 9am on Sunday morning, mug of tea in hand, dressed in his Sunday scruffs, took up position in the custom tattoo chair and declared “I feel like a f***** millionaire”.

That one comment made all the hard work worthwhile. Whatever nonsense the rest of the week was going to throw at this guy, for a few hours on a Sunday in my chair, he felt like a VIP.

When you are in the chair in the back of the truck it is extremely easy to forget where you are. Light comes from a skylight above and the clean room is fully enclosed. I think of it as like being inside an egg. Netflix or 90’s hip hop from Klassic Joints are the distractions at present and there are more planned. Conversation usually turns from how amazing the truck is to why I built it? This seems to be a rhetorical question as “ideas for the truck” quickly take over.

I love tattooing. But I have never enjoyed being the “star of the show”. I just love the craft. In this day and age it would seem that every studio needs a “star” in order to be successful. Thankfully, my studio is the “star” of this show and I am happy to sing it’s praises.

Time to disspell some myths: The truck is a five year old VW Crafter, fully maintained and only 50k miles on the clock. It was the model and shape that I wanted so I found the highest spec and cleanest example that I could.

The truck underwent a full conversion by the same company that builds many race trucks for some of the top race teams in the world. Imagine your first reaction stepping onto a private jet, it’s a bit like that….. I imagine.

I am neither big nor hairy. I take my craft seriously. You are the customer. We agree on a design or plan for your tattoo work, usually by email and consultation prior to appointment. I arrive exactly when I say I will, I do your tattoo, hopefully I keep you entertained whilst I am doing it. Your tattoo is completed within the timeframe and estimate given and you are happy with the work. Anything more than this I view as “rocket science” and I am not a “rocket scientist”. So that’s me covered, back to the truck…

The truck has bought big changes to both my lifestyle and tattoo work. I now have time to pursue other art forms, spend more time dealing directly with the you designing the tattoo and to further customise the truck with airbrush work.

One would think, given my new free and easy lifestyle, that the website would be peppered with new and exciting works of art. Yeah, about that: there has been more work than I imagined getting the online presence set up. To start with I build the website myself. a tough learning curve and time consuming, if I had to do it again then I could possible half the time spent. Then getting the website visible on search engines such as google has been a mission in itself. I am getting there, this site should be complete by the weekend. Sadly it does not stop there, I think I have another two weeks worth of work sat in front of this computer screen before I can either lose myself in the paint shop or get my self fully On the Road…… Administration is the work of the devil himself…. that said I am determined to enter this year completely organised no matter the damage to my mental health or bank account.

There is space in the diary for January and I will gladly cast aside the computer mouse if you have something very interesting that needs doing immeadiately. The diary is fully open for febuary 2019. I will be sending out emails to convention organisers this week so keep an eye on the convention page which will hopefully be filling up soon. I am talking to a new partner which could prove quite exciting and dont forget that if you have a business idea for the Tattoo Race truck then I would like to hear it.

We are now shipping our awesome Super Tattoo Sauce healing products to other studios. We are sending a special T shirt out to tattoo Artists, if anyone wants one off the back of a truck then they are £15.00


Have a great weekend..


Iain T Nosaint.

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