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October, 2019
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Island Hopping, Traffic Jams, and Old Friends

Duration: 7 days, 6 nights
Island: Great Britain
Budget: $0
Miles Travelled: 1,000

At the end of October it was time to go back “across” to tie up some loose ends and tidy up my UK company. Having settled into the Isle of Man lifestyle pretty well I was not excited to leave. However I was looking forward to meeting up with old friends, customers and family, or so I thought.

Even though I had only been on the IOM for only a month and a bit, the sheer volume of traffic that I encountered when across was a shock to the system. My plan had been to spend my evenings catching up on artwork, working on the website and getting ahead on my emails. The traffic Jams meant that there were no evenings.

Now back on the IOM I am desperately trying to catch up on all three, so if you have been waiting a while for an email feel free to give me a “bump” as I may have missed a few in a rush to reply.


  • Travel 10% 10%
  • Food 40% 40%
  • Transportation 100% 100%
  • Activities 80% 80%

In order to keep the costs sensible on the trip I had to do a bit of “sofa surfing”. So I was up and out early and needed somewhere to grab a hot shower and some breakfast most days. I checked out one of those gym for a day apps and found Body Limit Gym in Wheathamstead. I used to train at Body Limit in the early 2000’s when I was still racing bikes and it was located in St Albans. I wondered if they would remember me? Not only did they remember me but I felt like royalty, the guys hooked me up with a plant based breakfast, let me use the staff entrance out of hours and even had some secure parking for the truck overnight. I cant thank Ab’s and his team enough, if you are ever in the area definitly check them out, it is an old school gym with a great atmosphere.

Colour Tattoo Work

I got to do some. Six colours total, blended to create this space scene. Hit me up for colour.

Whats Next for On The Road?

1. Gift Vouchers

The gift vouchers have gone to the printers, they should drop on a dedicated page on this website around the 10th of November 2019 hopefully you can buy from the 7th


1. Merchandise

Designs have gone to my supplier, I know they will be busy coming up to Christmas but fingers crossed they can get me some T shirts, Truckers Caps and sweatshirts done in time


2. Tattoo Aftercare

My miracle healing sauce is getting a re-brand, it will be known in future as On The Road Tattoo Oil, you don’t have to be one of my “victims” to buy it Buy

Job Stoppers

Hand Tattoos are not called “Jobstoppers” without good reason. I am happy to do these tattoos for you but make sure you have thought them through. I prefer to do them on people who are already fully committed to being tattooed, to quote one great tattoo artist I know: “If you went to a tailor to get a custom made suit, you wouldn’t start with the glove would you?”

Black & Grey

Black and Grey all day.

I tend to do more Black and Grey than anything else. Something like this Disney piece which is just under A5 size will cost in the region of £200.00.

The sitting will take just over the three hour mark and all of the design and artwork is included in that price. 


Original Ideas

I know that google images has lots of great Tattoos pictured and the temptation to copy them is high.

But I can be quite creative given the chance. Why not throw an idea at me and see what I come up with?

That way you will have a unique tattoo that no one else has!


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