My new mobile tattoo studio has been met with a little bit of cynicism. I have lost a few clients who found my project difficult to get their head around. Put the word ‘mobile” in front of the word “phone” and its cool, do the same with “tattoo” and it conjures up all sorts of negative images.

I very rarely drink fizzy pop of any kind, it’s bad for you. Occasionally I like to be bad so whilst on the way to an appointment the other night I got a craving for a can of cold pop. I was passing Abbots Langley so pulled up outside of the old studio. As I wandered back to the van with my drink I captured this scene.

New versus old. My new studio if cared for properly will last me for the next twenty years and I own it. The old one needs time and money spent on it or it wont be standing in twenty years.

However the guy who owns it views it as a commercial asset, wants to spend as little as possible on it and maximise the return both in rent and repairs, I get that. It’s no different from any other landlord in the UK, well any that I have met. He has however returned my deposit in full, which perhaps sets him apart from the herd.

I have completed a month in my new studio. There is no doubt in my mind that I have made the right decision. I have had every difficult tattoo position thrown at me. I have tattooed my tallest customer. There has been little or no inconvenience. I was a little slow to start with, understandable after working in the same workspace for seven years. My muscle memory was such that I was reaching for things that were not there. Now I have settled into my new studio I could not be happier. Thankfully my customers feel the same way, the response from all those that have been tattooed in the truck has taken me aback. Peoples reactions are very interesting.

To those that doubted my mobile tattoo studio: It’s OK to be wrong. Right up to the last minute of the truck build I had my doubts. I honestly didn’t think it was going to work either. But it does work, it is so much better than any of us could have imagined. Do not miss out on it!

Drum roll please! Allow me to answer all of your concerns:

Obviously there is enough space in the Mobile tattoo studio to do my job or the website wouldn’t have got this far. That doesn’t change the fact that vans are cold right? Not this one: a Dyson blade controls the temperature if we are plugged in. As well as the trucks in built central heating system which switches to gas if we are running in Stealth mode.

A van is not clean enough to tattoo in: Which is why we inserted a fully sealed clean room in the back of this one. There is not a surface that is not cleaned on a daily basis. it is BY FAR the cleanest studio I have worked in, because it is the only purpose built space that I have ever worked in.

To cut a long story short: it carries 100 litres of fresh water and has an in built boiler so the water runs both hot and cold. I can make you a cup of coffee if you like it black? I don’t drink tea. Your seat for the journey is custom built and Bentley stitched.

Sure it looks Good. But Iain T Nosaint is a made up name. There are no details on the website. There is nothing more than an instagram page on social media to back all of this up. It’s got to be a scam surely?

Iain T Nosaint is on my passport and driving license. It seemed like a good idea at the time and it is one of my many “long stories”.

I operate from private addresses. As such there is no walk in service. No matter how many times I publicise this: someone will still put  the address in google maps and turn up at the door unannounced.

I believe I stated quite clearly in previous posts that Zuckerberg was stealing our data, thoughts and time. I think the breach of privacy by Facebook is a disgrace. I am shocked that more people do not leave the site. So I would rather put my content on my own site than feed the Facebook beast.

Am I a conman? I feel like one. I enjoy tattooing so much that even after fifteen years I feel slightly fraudulent getting paid to do it. So I set out a very fair stall, I have my terms and conditions which I expect you to meet and I provide the best service that I can.

Working in my Mobile Tattoo Studio has changed my timetable, I am no longer a 9 to 5 tattoo artist. I now have Sundays available and I am also doing evening sittings. Get in contact today and lets plan your next tattoo.

Don’t Get Left Behind!

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