This Old School Eagle Tattoo is the type of design I really enjoy doing, quick, traditional and very cost effective. If you have a couple of hours to spend and a limited budget then old school style tattoos are a great choice. There is plenty of reference available online, just google fmaous artists such as Sailor Jerry or Ed Hardy, or why not ask me what old school flash I have available as I have a pretty good collection.

Old school was designed to be done quickly. It dates back to the days where tattoo studios were walk in affairs, you would sit and wait your turn, pick something off the wall and the artist would quickly and cost effectively tattoo the image on you. Custom work is more popular now, it is in many ways slower to execute and can work out to be quite expensive in some cases with customers asking for more elaborate designs with a lot of detail. Old school tattoos such as this old school eagle tattoo will stand the test of time and look good for years to come.

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