Whatever happened to Iaint Nosaint? I am happy to report that I am still alive, still tattooing and still busy. I have also been enjoying life without much internet content, I needed a break from typing. So forgive me if you have been waiting for news from the On The Road Tattoo Studio but I can assure you that I have big news coming soon.

This is my first update to the website since March 26th. If I am honest I have been in shock since March 29th and anything that I would have written would have been little more that a political rant.

Whatever your view on Brexit and no matter which way you voted it was your choice, I can see the argument from both sides. I saw Brexit as an opportunity and I prepared my business accordingly for it.

But it did not happen.

Had I known that the Prime Minister was lying through her teeth I would have made different decisions. The Studio in Abbots would have stayed open for another year for a start. I could have used the time to complete the Race Truck project with ALL of the planned features. It would have given me more time to set up the deals that I was looking to do and it would have given me some much needed breathing space after five solid years of six days a week tattooing.

Instead of which I have had to launch not just a new business but a completely new concept, in a climate of fear and uncertainty. Business to business deals that I was working on such as locations to tattoo and marketing events went from promising to flat. I had the same news from everyone I was speaking to, they were all delaying decisions. I was doing the same with my suppliers and partners, it is not a good look all round.


Nobody knows what they are doing or what the hell is going on, I am in exactly the same position. Excuse me if I sound negative but as an “old soldier” I feel completely betrayed by this government.


That said, it has not been all bad.

When the chips are down you find out who your friends are. I have some great clients that’s for sure. They have kept me busy and embraced the Race Truck, I have had no need to advertise or go looking for work, my core people are the best on the planet, they know who they are and whatever the future brings I will go to the ends of the earth to repay the faith.

I had a few surprises as well. Hardcore regulars who turned their nose up at the truck without even viewing it. And then there are those who tried to take advantage because I closed a Studio, again they know who they are, try harder next time.

So what’s new?

The Universe has made me an offer that I cannot refuse. As much as I am desperate to share this news with you, I cannot do so just yet. What I can say is that as from August my time will be split 50/50 between the tattoo machine and the airbrush.

I will also have to relocate.

Tattoo Race Truck regulars need not worry, thanks to the mobility of my Studio I will be returning regularly to continue ongoing work and finish what I started.

My diary will be closed on the 1st August 2019.

I have plenty of space in the diary between now and then for any stragglers or anyone that wants something new from me. After the 1st of August I will notify you either via instagram, twitter, facebook ( much to my horror I will have a new facebook page, but cannot bring myself to activate it yet ) and of course this website as to when the diary re opens in this area.

Priority will be given to TATTOO RACE TRUCK REGULARS.

Thats about all I can say for now. If you are regularly in the chair then I will give you the news face to face at your next sitting; it is only right that you are also first to know my plans. If you are just following me out of interest then stay tuned, the news could be released as early as the end of this month.

If you feel that you should be a TATTOO RACE TRUCK REGULAR, but have yet to get around to getting in the chair, then now is the time to make yourself known. My future time in this area will be limited and my regulars prioritised. If you started something with me at I Aint No Saint and I haven’t heard from you since closing the Studio then I take it that you have moved on with your tattoo plans.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. This next step could be what dreams are made of and it’s a 95% done deal.

I will keep you posted.

It may not be long before a second truck is on the road. So, if you are a working Tattoo Artist with a strong portfolio, you would like to own your own Studio but without the hassle of bricks and mortar and want to be part of the On The Road “Fleet” whilst still being your own boss? Then Hertfordshire is already licensed  and there is a great client base waiting for you.

Take note: My diary will close on the 1st of August 2019 for this area (Hertfordshire). It will open regularly and notice will be given on the website, twitter, instagram and facebook. Priority will be given to Tattoo Race Truck regulars and my time tattooing in the area will be limited.

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