I may be the latest St Albans Tattoo Artist but I have been tattooing for a reasonable amount of time, fifteen years to be exact.

My tattoo journey started in Asia by chance. It continued in Thailand for five years before I returned to the UK in 2008. I then spent a further three years doing guest spots around England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. I have worked in some of the most highly regarded tattoo studios in the UK and some that are not so highly thought of.

I have worked alongside some of the best Tattoo Artists and Tattoo Machine builders in the UK and world. In order to do so, wherever I have laid my hat has been my home. I have lived in five star hotels, a cow shed in Scotland and a beach hut with a ten million dollar view and a ten buck roof.

In 2011 after eight years “on the road” I settled in Abbots Langley and opened the I Aint No Saint Tattoo Studio.

I signed a seven year lease on the studio in Abbots Langley and I stayed for seven years. In that time I teamed up with Anna and we expanded the business to include piercing and vape products. We had a great little studio for five and a half years but the last eighteen months were marred by two burglaries and several other incidents. In the end the studio wasn’t working for us we were working for the studio.


It was whilst I was staying in a caravan, in a cow shed, in Scotland. Over a decade ago that the idea for the tattoo race truck was born. My accommodation had been billed as a “motorhome”.  I had visualised something similar to the motorhomes I had witnessed in the British Superbike Race Paddock.

Imagine my face upon realisation I had left the tropics for a cow shed in the highlands. The transport I had been promised never materialised either, so I had plenty of time to design my perfect truck as the nearest civilisation was over a mile away. The VW Crafter was a new model at the time and I loved the look of it, I still do.

I had a lot of good ideas in that caravan: The Tattoo Race Truck. Get fit. Take up martial Arts and start my own studio. Although I actioned none of the ideas at the time, I have achieved all of them over the last decade. Culminating in the Tattoo Race Truck. It’s been a long and at times difficult journey but with the end of this chapter I am now at the start of a new journey. Why not come along for the ride?

The diary is open from November the 7th 2018. I welcome customers old and new. Its not a shop so I don’t operate opening hours. The idea behind my studio is convenience for us both. I hope to see you at conventions and introduce the truck in the near future. My website will be updated regularly as I intend to keep you informed as to our adventures. I say “our” because I still work with Anna, she will help me when we travel. But she will be busy with her own project and her own company in future, check out I Aint No Smoker for all of Anna’s news.

Even though I am the newest St Albans Tattoo artist I would like to think you are in safe hands. This is my new website and although it may be sparse on images, I am busily working to rectify that. You may find some of my previous work on the I Aint No Saint website but that site is now being changed to promote the clothing brand. I will be uploading the galleries daily, I have to go through a lot of pictures. You are welcome to get in contact and help me to start filling the new galleries.


Nice to meet you.


Iain T Nosaint.

Don’t Get Left Behind!

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