What do you get the tattoo nut who has everything? How about the impossible? Sounds interesting? This is the ultimate Tattoo Christmas Present…

I call my mobile Tattoo Studio the Tattoo Race Truck. That’s what it is: a professionally converted race truck by the people who convert race trucks for the top race teams in the UK and Europe. The only difference is that my truck doesn’t have a garage in the back, it has a Tattoo Studio.

A fully licensed Tattoo Studio.

It’s still early days, so much so that having recently closed my Tattoo Studio of seven years, some four weeks later I am still adding finishing touches to the truck. Everything is up and running, we have had a couple of tattoo sittings which could not have gone better.

A three hour road trip to meet an old friend for lunch fully tested the interlocking custom built tattoo furniture. Although I have just remembered that the microwave in the “waiting” room needs fixing to stop movement as I write this.

Then of course there is the website. I have over a decade of tattoo images to upload to the gallery pages. So if you have just stumbled across the site, please do bookmark it and check back, it should fill with content quite quickly.

The last four weeks has been the longest break I have taken from tattooing for fifteen years, it’s actually the first proper break I have taken in the last five. I did plan a holiday,I should be in Las Vegas right now at a big tattoo convention, but I decided to stay and put the finishing touches to the truck so that I start in November with a finished studio rather that a studio that needs finishing.

One would think it easier to sort out a small studio in a truck than a big one. The truth is that everything requires so much more thought in order to make good of the limited space available. Add to this the problem of movement when we drive and this means that not only does everything have to fit together, but nothing need move in transit.

How everything came together and what it is all made of will hopefully fascinate and amaze you, it is all one-off and unique. Much of which I have designed and fabricated myself.  Presently I am airbrushing one-off cabinet doors with a welcome mural. I cannot hang pictures on the wall of my truck, so they are stuck. We make one-off stickers of our favourite pictures, my Tattoo License and of course a framed picture of Her Majesty the Queen. We are, after all is said and done, a UK based Tattoo Studio; the first of its kind. Others have completed similar projects but not with the time and detailing lavished on this truck.

I believe I have built the UK’s premier mobile Tattoo Studio

Clearly this truck has much potential and there will be many opportunities to do things differently. But It has not just been built with corporate events, festivals, tattoo conventions and product launches in mind. It is a professional, busy Tattoo Studio for professional busy people, the type of people who may not have the time or the inclination to visit a High Street Tattoo Studio. A future planned conversion to the back doors over the coming months means that I will have excellent disabled and wheelchair access for those that perhaps do not find it easily accessible to visit a High Street Tattoo Studio.



It was whilst I was airbrushing the custom cabinet doors and considering the many uses for my truck that I came up with the Ultimate Tattoo Christmas Present. Could you imagine the surprise?

“What did you get me for Christmas?”

“A Tattoo”

Please note a tattoo is for life and not just for Christmas, we can ruin your job prospects at any time of the year. Happy holidays.

Iain T Nosaint 

Don’t Get Left Behind!

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