Book a Tattoo Consultation

Consultations Done Differently.

The most convenient of consultations. The studio comes to you.

At a time and place of your choosing the On the Road Tattoo Studio will come to you. But only book a consultation once we have discussed your tattoo project via email and I have indicated that a consultation would be beneficial.


There is a flat charge of £50.00 for a consultation. However, should you proceed to book either a sizeable tattoo or session work then the £50.00 will be credited back to you on your first session. In most cases smaller tattoos can be finalised over email so in many cases a consultation is not needed. Should a consultation be required for a small tattoo then the £50.00 consultation fee will apply.

The consultation fee does not make up part of your deposit.

Before I commit to a consultation: I will need any reference material that you have collected. A clear brief of your desired tattoo will be required by email. If you do not have a clear idea of what you want, then a list of what you like would be a good start. If you have a reason behind your tattoo then this can sometimes spark visual creativity. Hobbies, pastimes and sometimes even products can all be good inspiration.

Alternatively you can just give me the skin and a budget, just let me know if you prefer colour or black and grey.

The consultation is the final step before booking. We should already have the seeds of an idea for your tattoo before you book your consultation.

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