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Optimize Your Business Goals and Objectives

On The Road Tattoo’ is the number one retailer of mobile at home tattoos, and the most unique and inventive tattoo studio in the UK and Europe. We have plans to exponentially grow the number of tattoo studios that we have on the road in the U.K. within the next 10 years, we are looking for exceptional franchise candidates to help keep the UK inking on the road’ each and every day.

If you share our passion, meet the qualification criteria and have the ability to deliver a high-level of customer service within your community while embodying our company values, it’s time for you to join one of the UK’s fastest-growing tattoo companies.

Charge Forward

A Leading Tattoo Brand

After sixteen years of working in studios there were certain things that just felt right about going On The Road. After committing to build the first Tattoo Race Truck I just haven’t looked back!

  • Founded in 2017 and franchising since 2020
  • Expansive development areas available in UK markets
  • Flexible finance options
  • Financial marketing incentives available
  • Powerful national brand marketing
  • Powerful national brand marketing


We are looking for outstanding franchise candidates to fuel our growth in new and existing markets. In fact, as we continue with our expansion, we constantly open new territories. In order to support this growth and the consumer needs of each individual market, we’re expanding with single and multi-unit development opportunities. We’re well-positioned for the right investor looking for growth opportunities with one of the world’s premier Tattoo brands.



Is On The Road Tattoo The Right Franchise For You?

Group marketing

centalised purchasing

studio ownership

unique business plan

fully licensed

exclusive area

training and knowledge share

merchandise and aftercare

minimal overheads


Why On The Road Tattoo?

On The Road’s a unique mobile tattoo operation that can employ 1-3 artists per studio. As a result, we’ve got the right expression for almost any customer or event. We’re looking for candidates with prior tattoo industry experience and the ability to create and manage an organisation that effectively recruits, trains, retains and motivates a high-performing team. An understanding of the tattoo studio process and a drive for local store marketing is a plus. Why stop at one studio? Multiple franchise opportunities are available.


A passion for and dedication to, operational excellence ,



An understanding of, and a drive to engage in, local store marketing and community involvement ,

Available markets

We have opportunities throughout the UK for exclusive territories,


Studio ownership and a share in the brand, you are your own boss.

From Our Founder


I spent seventeen years working in studios, I experienced highly strung artists and ungrateful owners. I was getting stale. Owning my own bricks and mortar studio was never the “dream” that it should have been. I was close to quitting.

Then I started On The Road Tattoo, an idea that formed over a decade ago, I thought “why not”?

And now here I am, loving my tattooing again and a “king” of the open road. I work where I want and when I want. My tattoo life has never been better.

I am finally living the dream and it is a lot of fun.



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