It has been a long January and I have made good use of it. The On The Road Tattoo Studio is fully operational and working perfectly, thankfully so is the website. Time now to turn my attention to it is my new project and I am already making some good progress… for once.


I Started airbrushing in 1989. Specialising in Automotive or Custom paint. Although my background is painting crash helmets, between Tattoos I will be painting Custom phone cases and Custom Barber Clippers.



    FEBRUARY 2019 NOW!

I am pleased to announce that On The Road Tattoo is fully operational, the truck works perfectly, the website is done and I can finally relax. Ok that’s a lie, my diary is now open for February and I still have to get UK Custom Paint finished.

Having just finished this website build “On the Road Tattoo”, I am embarking on my other pet project If you have been following the truck build, previous blog posts or have checked out my social media, then you will more than likely be aware that I have been airbrushing for a lot longer than I have been tattooing. All of the custom paint in the Tattoo Race Truck is by my own fair hand and I have plenty more modifications planned. Traditionally I have painted everything from trucks to jewellery boxes, but I was best known for Custom painted crash helmets and custom phone covers back in the day.

I have been trying to get my airbrushing “comeback” underway for quite some time. Having done a few skateboard decks and Crash helmets over the winter months when the tattooing slows down, everything has ground to a halt come March. With a tattoo studio to run in the summer months the chance of squeezing paintwork hours into the day has been more or less impossible. On the Road Tattoo changes all of that, now that I have the ability to tattoo out of hours and at odd hours, I will be able to get plenty done in my custom paint shop going forwards. 


Even though I took January “off” in order to concentrate on the website and admin work, I have still been doing some fun tattoos.


The instagram page has been in and out of fashion this month. You may not get daily updates but its worth a follow. The instagram page for the Custom Paint Phone Cases and Barber Clippers is @ukcustompaint .


EVERYONE without exception has asked what the music in the van is? I am happy to recommend the app, its called Klassic Joints, thats classic with a K. Get it from the app store for apple or android. If you love classic Hip Hop and RnB then this will take you straight back to the 90’s.

Tattoo Galleries

The galleries are still a bit thin as I have a backlog of pictures to go through. The new stuff is getting loaded as I do it. So if you want to see what I have been up to then check out both the colour and black and grey galleries for new work.

MY Latest Work

In January I tattooed Triplets, a mother and two sons and twin brothers. The start of 2019 has been a bit of a family affair so far. This is good news, it means I am getting word of mouth referrals for my work.

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