Do you know what excitement is? I think it’s when you realise your ambitions.  When you see your dreams made real.  When the thing you knew you wanted turns out to better than your expectations.


Do not make the mistake of confusing excitement with an “experience”; in the day to day world of shopping excitement is sold as an experience.  Due to this a Tattoo can be sold to those wanting one thing, who then find out the hard way they have ended up with something very different, forever.

So let’s stick with raw excitement.  Elation that leads to adrenaline rush excitement…that moment when you say to yourself “YES!”.  Have you found that yet?


Then your world is about to change. 

When the Formula One Caravan crosses the world in order to race, or the British Superbike teams move from track to circuit, you will not see the professional “fast boys” compete with only a bag of tools and a few race items that they could carry by hand.

That would be farcical.  At the peak of their skills, they turn up in purpose built vans and trucks with gleaming workshops which contain all of their tools, their race items and most importantly they create their own work space.  No matter where they are in the world their work station looks the same, because everywhere they go they are obsessed with performing at their best.

Some people believe that all they need to Tattoo on the move is a bag of tools and a roll of cling film.  I disagree, I like to think that in order to be the “F1” of Tattooing it requires slightly more effort.  A lot more in fact…

So in order to be the best that I could be on the road, I decided to approach the company that builds the Race Vans for the world’s leading teams.  And I had them build me a van, a very special van indeed.  Instead of putting a workshop in the back I had them fit a fully sealed Clean Room: a Tattoo workstation which meets my standards.

My van far surpasses all Legal and Legislative requirements for a Tattoo Studio.  It has a seating and waiting area.  It has hot and cold running water and hand washing stations within the work area.  More importantly it is a fully insured Studio with all the necessary public liability and health checks in place.  It goes without saying that all of our medical waste contracts and our licenses are clean and current too.

It’s full of other really cool and fun stuff that’s there to entertain you as well; I like happy relaxed clients, that’s important.  What I have worked to build is an intimate Studio experience.  But should you want to take a break I have a large covered area to relax in and even a separate toilet too.

The two hour drive to the Studio is no longer your problem, the Studio can move to you. All I need is to connect to a mains supply 240v or we can fire up our silent generator.  Naturally I will try to appease the State with License applications for your area.  A License cannot be refused by Law to a Studio that meets all of the requirements, but how long it will take the ‘Powers That Be’ to process the fact that my Studio has wheels?  This is usually the only minor sticking point.

Subject to Licensing I am available for events in all areas.  Using disposable Tattoo equipment means I can process as many clients as if I were in our my own Studio.  So if you have a team event or launch party why not have a Tattoo Studio on site?  If you move in the Corporate World where your clients may not want a permanent Tattoo I can Airbrush on temporary ones (logos are popular) and display some real Tattoo Art at the same time.  My clients tell me it’s a killer talking point and a great icebreaker.

I can also attend Clubs and Social Events, Training Grounds, Concert Venues, Festivals, Showrooms and places of residence all as long as we can pull up and park, even Weddings if the mood takes you.

I would welcome the opportunity to attend your Tattoo Convention and put on our show should you be able to accommodate us?

So, if you have always wanted that one Tattoo, or you have a great idea and want to work with me, or if you are simply busy to the point that you need the Studio to come to you, then why not contact me today, I am excited to hear your plans…

….and I know you’ll be blown away when you see the truck.

Going the distance

For enquiries regarding Corporate Events, Conventions, Promotional Events and Tattoo displays please email info@ontheroadtattoo.com.

We are not re-inventing the wheel or the Tattoo, we are just putting the next phase in motion…

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