If you run a Tattoo convention in either the UK or Europe. I would be pleased to hear from you. It is my intention to take the Tattoo Race Truck to as many conventions as possible in 2022.
On this page you can read about our upcoming convention plans. There is a dedicated page on the website for all of my convention reports along with all of my News and Adventures. The Tattoo Race Truck has been designed for travelling. It goes without saying that it is fully self contained and can be positioned either inside a convention or outside. It does not even need a plug socket or 240volt power. Even though we do lose Netflix without a plug we can cope. I can tattoo for fifteen hours with the batteries at present. Plans to add solar panels to extend my limitations are being put in place.
If you would like to get tattooed at a convention. Or have the truck attend a convention then please do contact me.
Don’t Get Left Behind!