When it comes to “breaking the ice” at a corporate event or product launch: Bouncy castle’s, fake casinos and sexualising the product just don’t cut it anymore. So why not throw in the threat of a Tattoo, real or otherwise? There is nothing like a little bit of fear to get you remembered.
Tattooing is widely accepted in today’s society. The tattoo creates a sense of intrigue, magic and suspense. It is universal, found the world over and one of the oldest professions known to man.

There are very few who walk amongst us who have not considered marking their own body with a tattoo. Some who walk amongst us would surprise us all due to the amount of their tattoos. Everyone has an opinion, good or bad it matters not. Tattoos are thought provoking, tattoos spark conversations.

Do tattoos hurt? Yes they do and thats what generates the fear and the intrigue. Would you like to frighten your customers and clients but in a good way?

Putting the temptation of a real tattoo in the way of your invited guests, will tell you more about them than many many meetings.

They will never forget you thats for sure.

You will create a “buzz” like you have never known before. Luckily, I can supply the studio and the artist.

Can you supply the event? Are you launching a new product? Do you need to get your brand noticed and create an impression? If so then I can supply the UK’s Premier mobile Tattoo Studio at your location. Or any location for that matter, we do not even need electricity.
When it comes to marketing consistency is key. Once we have established what we can do for you and how we can do it then we can recreate the same proposition for you several times over at locations throughout the uk.

Don’t worry about licensing and other legalities. That is all part of the service. Our facilities are such that a license is a formality. And we have you covered with extensive public liability and treatment insurance.

Perhaps you would like me to bring a model and tattoo all day to re-create a Tattoo Convention in your venue? I can offer temporary airbrushed tattoos using body paint, again I can supply a model if a demonstration is what you require. Temporary tattoos have no age limit, they are after all just some body paint, so something that the whole family can enjoy. Or perhaps you would just like to offer a fully working tattoo studio to your event?

If you feel that On The Road Tattoo and the @tattooracetruck would be right for your event then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Alternatively if you have other Business opportunities for my tattoo studio or you would like to partner with On the Road Tattoo then I would welcome your enquiry.
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