Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

I have done as much as I can to give you a nice tattoo


There are many, many good Tattoo Aftercare products on the market now, Bepanthan is not one of them. I would ask that you do not use it on my work. I have my own formula which works well

Our Vegan Tattoo Aftercare, On The Road Tattoo OIL is made from natural oils and is an innovative way to heal fresh tattoos.

We have carefully selected our 100% natural ingredients to give many benefits while healing new Ink.  The oil easily moisturises the skin, promotes natural healing but does not clog pores (a common complaint when using other healing products).  High in Vitamins(especially Vitamins A, C & E), On The Road Tattoo OIL contains antioxidantsanti-inflammatories and is antibacterial.  It has natural numbing properties to sooth your skin.

The application of On The Road Tattoo OIL is aided by the packaging to ensure the most hygienic distribution and gives careful dispensing while being able to target specific areas if needs be.

When I finish your tattoo I will cover it..

Simply use On The Road Tattoo OIL to moisturise your new tattoo while it heals. A few drops are all that is needed to cover quite a lot of space, it goes a very long way. It has been tested extensively. 

Should you get any scabbing or sore areas then you can target that area with a few drips from the dropper applicator. Should your tattoo appear red and “angry” then let it the tattoo “dry out” before applying more aftercare product.

Should your tattoo feel hot, or the body that it is on feel fatigued then the very best advice I can offer is to “ice” the area.

On The Road Tattoo OIL heals tattoos quickly, if applied correctly. But nothing beats staying fully hydrated and good amounts of vitamin C in the system. You may want to consider “upping” your H20 and vegetable intake a week or so before your tattoo.

Never use too much aftercare on your new tattoo, always remember that less is more and that your tattoo needs to be able to breath through the healing process.




I always carry On The Road Tattoo OIL on the Truck. If however you would prefer to buy online then you can do so here. Once you add to the cart then you will follow through to a paypal page where you can adjust the amount of bottles that you require. our packaging is as ethical as possible and the product is securely packed so as not to spill.

On The Road Tattoo OIL £6.00 per bottle
Postage and Packing £1.50 inside the UK.

On The Road Tattoo OIL is available through the online shop. Just click here.

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