If you have an idea for your next tattoo then why not run it by me? I am happy to create tattoos in many different styles, I like to think of myself as a versatile tattoo artist and I enjoy tattooing anything whether big or small. There are some tattoos that I don’t do such as walk in “off the shelf” designs, unless of course it is traditional flash by one of the greats such as Sailor Jerry.

What I do

My studio is somewhat different to the norm. You wont find me on Douglas High Street and you don’t need to plan a day out to get tattooed, I come to you in my fully converted VW Crafter truck. It is a tattoo studio unlike anything that you will have experienced before. Fully licensed for the Isle of Man I can visit you at your home, hotel or even your work. Maybe you would like to get tattooed at one of the many beautiful or historical locations on this amazing island?


You can get some great pictures on the Isle of Man, why not combine one with a tattoo? If you are looking for a tattoo experience and the ultimate selfie then I will be happy to oblige.


Contact Me

Email is the best form of contact. I get a lot of enquiries and struggle to keep up with all the social media inboxes. Email enables me to keep the conversation even if it happens six months before the tattoo.

Social Media

I have social media accounts, give me a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter the username is @TattooRaceTruck for all three.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers will be available soon and in time for Christmas 2019. If you need something quickly for a special event get in touch and I will make a personalised voucher to tide you over.


This website is updated everyweek, I do all of the web design and updates myself. I like to post new tattoos here before they go on social media, so please check back weekly

About Me

I am just a normal run of the mill bloke who likes motorbikes, cooking and loves his dog. Tattooing for the last 16 years I dont feel like I have worked a day in that time.

The Tattoo Race Truck is the first of it’s kind.

The visiting or Mobile Tattoo Artist has historically been viewed as a Scratcher or Kitchen Wizard, derogatory terms within the Tattoo industry for an unlicensed tattoo Artist. When I started out on this journey I knew I had a challenge ahead of me to change that image. I have 16 years studio experience working in some of the UK’s most highly regarded studios and I let my work speak for itself. This journey will not start and end on the Isle of Man, that is my journey. There are many areas that need to be covered in the UK so more trucks need to be built.

Tattoo Race Truck

Tattoo License Held

Miles so Far

Cups Of Coffee

Why Am i different?

I go the extra mile. Allow me to deal with the apprehension and nerves, you will be on your “home turf” relaxed in your own surroundings. There is no receptionist, there is no studio full of friends and hangers on, there is not an artist that will not talk to you. It is just myself and the truck, your are dealing directly with me from first contact, so let’s have a chat over email, establish what you  want, build a rapport and then get you booked in for a tattoo!

My Latest Work

Here are a few of the tattoos I have done on the Isle of Man between September 2019 and October 2019. I am happy to work either big or small and everything I do gets the same amount of effort and attention to detail. From a small memento to a twelve hour session (if you can take it?) I am ready to tattoo and at your service.

MY Skills

Although Tattooing is my full time profession I have other skills.

I started out as an airbrush artist many years ago, as an ex racer I fell into painting crash helmets in the mid 90’s. I was one of the first to commercialy custom paint race helmets in the UK. I have also been teaching myself to pinstripe and letter with a brush, I am far from professional as of yet but practice, when I get time makes perfect. Tattooing takes up most of my time, when not working with the machine you will find me drawing or preparing designs

  • Tattooing – 90%
  • Airbrush – 7%
  • Pinstripe – 3%
There are many quality Tattoo Studios to choose from in this day and age. A wise old tattooer once told me that there are two kinds of artists, those that love being a tattoo artist and those that love tattooing. I will let you decide which I am.


I would be honoured to design your next tattoo. However there are a couple of rules that I adhere to. I will not tattoo anything overtly offensive, I will certainly not tattoo anything that would offend a child or a parent that would be visible or “on show”. I do not tattoo infinity symbols, the feather with the birds flying away or the dandelion with the pods flying away. Please do not be offended by this as it is my personal choice. Other than the above I welcome any challenge that you set me.

From my customers

Without whom I could not do the job that I love. I have made many friends over the years from the services that I supply, we may not talk every day, we may not talk for years, but when it is time to add to the collection it is always a pleasure to catch up and strengthen the bond

very professional and friendly guy know his craft


I had my first tattoo done yesterday and highly recommend Tattoo on the road, being my first I was made and felt so comfortable , Ian kept checking to see how I was feeling and ensured I was at all time comfortable. His knowledge and work is amazing and one of the things I liked there was no one else sat watching. The set up is so prestige. what a lovely person and above all I am over the moon with my fabulous wolf tattoo. Thank you and no doubt I will see you again 😃🐾🐾


Thank you so much Iain for doing my lotus flower tattoo today! You’re a true professional who makes you feel completely at ease. See you soon for the rest to complete my spine 😁👍 x


Aww grow a pair with your little man flu 🙈🙈🤣🤣


Let’s Start Something new
Send me an email!

Email is my best form of contact. I can refer back to conversations quickly and easily, I can always find the reference when I need it and even if you have not contacted me for six months since our last chat I can get up to speed quickly and easily. As a one man band I find the many social media inboxes both confusing and disorganised, added to which I cannot reply straight away as I am often tattooing. Please send an email and make me a happy tattooer, I know you are excited about your new ink but I promise I will respond quickly.

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