A year later than planned…

The new studio is up and running and the diary is open to all comers from the 21st November 2022. Existing customers, gift voucher holders and retuning customers can still book in this weekend before the diary fully opens.

Ramsey Tattoo Studio

For the moment all bookings are being done over email or text. Unfortunately we are not ready for walk in’s just yet, but we can schedule consultations when they are required for measuring up and the like.

We are going to need someone to run the front of house so that the studio can extend the opening hours and hopefully cater to walk in appointments as well. But with Christmas looming and my time split between airbrush work and tattooing, as well as more work needed on the actual shop front, we have come to the decision that we will wait until the new year to fill this role.

We are not looking for a tattoo apprentice.

Old School Colour Tattoo Panther and Rose

The new studio has a new name, my name, Iaint Nosaint. It also has a new website, although this is very much a work in progress at the moment. It is live and the domain is www.iaintnosaint.com I hope you take the time to have a look at it and keep returning. When you see the new site you will more than likely notice that it has a social media “feel” to it. It looks a bit like an instagram page.

The thinking behind this is that the site gets updated daily with short and sweet instagram style posts. At the top of the page there is a small banner, similar to a tweet on Twitter or a Facebook status, this will be updated with the next days walk in times, if there are any available, or any other relevant news in regard to opening and bookings.

We spend way too much time updating various social media sites.


There is an old saying “what can be given can be taken away”. Facebook has already shown this to be true with their new algorithms which mean that posts don’t really get any traction unless you pay them.

Twitter may be gone by the end of next week according to some sources, who knows?

And tik tok? Well not only am I too old for that, but I saw a documentary that suggests whilst it inspires the youth of China to be astronauts it inspires our youth to play pranks and stuff biscuits or similar up their nose in whatever the latest challenge is.

That said, we will be keeping some social media pages up to date, On The Road Tattoo on insta and Facebook for example.

Black and Grey Medusa Tattoo Ramsey Tattoo Studio
Colour Ladybird Tattoo Ramsey Tattoo Studio

The truck will be getting a full refurbishment next year as I have lots of ideas that I want to implement. It should be quite a story as we get things done. I have been working in the truck since 2018 believe it or not? To be fair the truck studio has worn really well. But there are things that I want to change, both in the studio and the other areas of the truck.

The social media will be useful to document this, as this website also needs some work and changes in order to change with the truck and its new direction.

The truck has been all over the Isle of Man in the last three years and it has picked up a few knocks and bangs. Nothing terrible but if it doesn’t get sorted now then it will only get worse, we may even give it a new colour.

By 2024 the truck will be back with a bang. The studio in Ramsey will be my “tattoo home” and the truck will be for adventures and events. Hopefully the crazy that we are experiencing in the world will by then be over and I will be able to do some travelling in the truck.

We can but hope. It would be nice to do some conventions again both in the UK and Europe.


The Diary is now open

Gasmask Skull Tattoo Ramsey Tattoo Studio

The custom paint is going really well, especially helmet paint. We will keep updating Facebook and insta for this as well. But the website www.custompaint.co.uk is already coming along nicely.

We can now supply all models of helmets including all of the latest motor sport helmets. I am already working on Christmas order for kids of all ages.

The airbrush studio has been kitted out and it is a great space to work in. The paint shop down the road not so much yet, but hopefully by early next year we can open that up to do bigger work such as complete bikes and other projects.

We may even do some teaching courses. An airbrush is a great edition to any tool box for small repairs, from a scratch on a car to repairing a chipped sink or tile, quite often the airbrush can save the day, and a great deal of expense.


2022 has been a trying year but things are looking good for the future with some fun projects in the pipeline.

If you want to be part of the story then I look forward to seeing you in the new studio to either get tattooed or discuss your next custom paint project.




Albert Einstein Tattoo Ramsey Tattoo Studio
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