Even though Christmas 2018 is but a fleeting memory and the New Year feels like yesterday: According to my diary it’s Friday. Which means it’s blog day, so I need to generate News and Adventures for the past 48 hours to keep to my timetable.

Updating the blog is my new religion. Every friday come rain or shine this website will get updated with News from the Tattoo Race Truck. You may be asking yourself why I am going to this trouble in this social media driven age? you are not alone I keep asking myself the same question.

To start with: This is the first year in fifteen as a proffessional tattooer that I have not been under pressure to either get my own tattoo shop “ship shape” and the diary full, or someone else’s tattoo shop. So I have the luxury of a bit of time on my hands. I still retain my existing tattoo clients from the I Aint No Saint Tattoo Shop in Abbots Langley. I was based there for the last seven years. So there is no immeadiatte urgency to gain new clients for my new venture.

With the wisdom of a 3000 year old man I know that the life of luxury I am currently enjoying will not last forever. Should new clients not be materialising by March, then I will more than likely be available to tattoo at midnight for food. With this in mind I am putting my new found time to good use. I have been doing quite a lot of reading.

 I decided to really  look into the benefit of social media to my business. In all of my research one line that I read leapt off the page: “If your not paying for the product then you are the product“.

It resonated with me because for quite some time I have been frustrated with nearly all of the social media platforms. It would seem that unless a business is willing to pay to advertise then the algorithms will make sure said business has limited exposure. Unless of course the profile is aggressively maintained and the content added brings traffic and users to the site. Want it for free? Then you have to hustle.

During my research it came to pass that the social media giants use chocolate as a firewall. That is when they are not giving away our data, phone numbers and passwords. I recently received an email quoting an old mobile number threatening me with blackmail. Apparently whilst watching pornography I was filmed behaving like a “filthy animal” and should I want proof of the act then seven of my contacts would receive the footage. I replied by asking if I could nominate the seven contacts and if a Christmas message could somehow be inserted into the video? When I received no “thank you” calls on Christmas morning. I realised that this must be a scam and my details had been stolen or sold.

Who knew? You cant trust a guy who stole the idea for his website.



The conclusion that I have come to is that a social media page is like a rented premises, my own website is like a property I own. Every bit of work that I put into the website will continue to benefit me for years to come.


All of the time that I would be putting into social media whilst more than likely getting distracted by the news feed, I now put into my own website with no distraction. so keep checking back every Saturday, there should be news.

I have spent some time designing a new business card. it is simple and straight to the point. I am quite pleased with it. Having used one of the shots from my Christmas adventure in London. Hopefully no legal action is taken against me for parking violations or commercial use of my own photograph. My award winning status is toungue in cheek, I dont believe you can have a tattoo business card in the 21st century without the words “award winning”. I just like to be honest.

The truck has also had a bit of work. I have been busily placing Go Pro camera mounts throughout the truck. This should allow the generation of some quite cool videos for the website. I need to get my head around the video editing aspect of creating something. But now that I have had time to mess around with some of the tech that I have not really had time to explore. I am enjoying myself and getting the hang of it..

Thats not to say that my tattoo shop is not in shape shape and Bristol fashion. It is cleaned ready and raring to go.

Everything within the Tattoo Race truck has been designed for ease of use. Most of the studio section is custom built. Making the studio section of the truck easy to clean was both a priority and a success. This is by far the best workstation set up I have worked in, for ease of cleaning and general cleanliness. The studio is a completely sealed clean room. There is not a surface that cannot be disinfected on a daily basis including the walls and the ceiling.

It takes me roughly one and a half hours to prep the truck on a daily basis. At the start of the week I give the studio a “deep clean” this involves removing the workstation and chair and getting into every single “nook and crannie”. To be honest there is little to find above the daily clean but it gives me an opportunty to wax the paintwork and the airbrushed doors.

Although I am not as busy tattooing as I would normally be. I am still busy. The truck requires my ongoing attention as I keep having new ideas for new features, more news on this soon. I have enjoyed my time learning about indexing web pages on google, fast caching pages and other web related stuff. I did not feel like I was capable before trying and have pleasantly surprised myself, which is just as well.

The custom paint enquiries are coming in thick and fast. I have not had a chance to even start modyfying or editing the custom paint site. My airbrushes are sat where I last left them in November. So I have my work cut out. I am nearly there with the On The Road project it is close to completion. I still have some merchandise to design: a T shirt, hoodie and perhaps truckers caps? All will be available on this site when complete.

I have some emails to send, some new partners that I will be working with. Then I have to contact as many conventions as possible to see if the organisers are interested in the truck. My pipe dream of getting the mobile studio over to the Isle of Man TT every year is something that I am going to be chasing this year. Then of course there is the “secret santa” idea that is still very much alive in my mind. I think 2019 is going to be a very busy year.


Sitting here writing this, it is starting to dawn on me that I am far from a “man of leisure”  this is merely the calm before the storm. Thankfully I am a firm believer that the Devil makes work for idle hands, so I prefer to stay busy.


I have some available for on the road, iaintnosaint and custom paint. All you have to do is ask as they are already on the truck. They come with a warning!

If you insist on sticking these in random places the world over. Such as public property, statues, landmarks or any other places of interest. then obviously there is nothing that I can do about it. Should you insist on sending me a picture of the offending sticker along with your name address and T shirt size. Then I may have no choice but to send one of our signature “No” T shirts in place of a cease and desist order. Only the most offensive ( or best) placement of our stickers will qualify for action.

There will be more stickers coming, I am planning a sticker pack when I get my act together which shoud be shortly.

So there it is: more news than I thought I had. Adventures? Not really unless you count administration as exciting? Although that said, teaching myself about the website has been something of an adventure. Pleased with progress, the light at the end on the on the road website tunnel is in sight. Whilst I eagerly await the postman with my new business cards. Thankfully I am back in my tattoo chair today. Next week I should have a rather fetching homeward Bound tattoo to display. Along with some digital sketchbook style original artwork. Something of another first, digitally created artwork. Who said you cant teach an old dog new tricks……… eventually?




May I bring your attention to the whatsapp logo in the bottom right hand corner of the website? This feature will allow you to direct chat whenever I am online and not tattooing.


Tattoos from the On The Road Studio

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