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Manx Tattoo Artist Wanted

Self Employed – Fulltime Position

I am now on the lookout for a Manx Tattoo Artist to join On The Road Tattoo as a regular member of the team. On The Road Tattoo has proved to be extremely popular on the Isle of Man, so much so that I am now booked up quite a long way in advance and I am having to say no to quite a lot of work, which obviously leads to disappointment and is not something that I enjoy doing. With plans already in place to expand the On The Road Franchise into the UK, I have decided to put a second mobile tattoo studio in operation on the island by the end of the year. With this in mind I am looking for a self employed Manx Tattoo Artist to run the second studio.


The Position Is Not Limited To An Experienced Tattoo Artist

The position is open to experienced Tattoo Artists who posses an exceptional portfolio and have at least three years studio experience. Perhaps bored of the same four walls, regimented working times and a standard studio experience On The Road can offer a unique opportunity for an artist to work under their own initiative and work with a company as apposed too for the company. 

Also full training is available to any hard working artist with a portfolio that reflects a passion for art. If you draw or paint on a regular basis, have experience of airbrush art or working in any other medium on a regular basis then I would be pleased to hear from you. 

On The Road Tattoo is not a “normal” tattoo studio. You would be responsible for a state of the art mobile tattoo studio based in a medium to large commercial vehicle. Insurance is a factor so ideally I would be looking for someone in at least their mid twenties, with a current clean driving license and no claims bonus to match. Confidence in your own driving abilities is a must.

There is no formal apprenticeship to serve. If you are a competent artist who can display a range of techniques in any medium the training will last a maximum period of three months. At the end of this period you will have enough confidence and knowledge to lay down a clean basic tattoo. After a period of six months working for the company doing some of the more basic tattoos, you will progress onto larger scale work and more complex work. You will throughout this period be supported all the way.



  • The training comes at a cost. There is no renumeration for your training period however there is a charge for the training. Tattooing is a lucrative profession and the knowledge has a value.

  • However should you continue to work for On The Road tattoo for a period of three years then the training costs are written off. Should you leave the employment of OTRT within the first three years then the full cost of training will become due on the day that you leave.

  • Although tattooing is rewarding both financially and creatively it is also extremely hard work. It is both hard on the body and mind. Hours of concentration are added to vigorous cleaning schedules, customer contact and keeping your studio running smoothly. This is not a profession for someone who does not enjoy hard work.



  • The successful applicant will be someone who can work under their own initiative and enjoys the opportunity to manage their own time and workload. I do not believe in micro management at On The Road Tattoo so I am looking for someone capable of being their own boss.
  • Working hours are extremely flexible, thanks to the versatility of our studios you will be able to do your best work at times that suit yourself. It is a full time position and a minimum of five days is expected of you.
  • There is the opportunity to travel to the UK and work in areas that OTRT is already licensed and these will expand in due course. There are also some very exciting opportunities working with events and brands that would not be possible in a conventional tattoo studio.
  • If a position of Manx Tattoo Artist appeals to you then in the first instance please forward three pieces of completed artwork to
  • I will get back to you and we can discuss further. Please do not call ( I am more than likely tattooing), text, use Facebook messenger or any other form of contact. Email is the best course of action.

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Perks of the Job

Competitive Salary

Working for OTRT is one of the most lucrative opportunities in tattooing . Thanks to the low overheads of the studio you keep more of the money that the studio makes.


Work hard play hard. Unlike a static bricks and mortar studio, the rent, rates and utility bills do not pile up whilst you are closed, when you are on the beach enjoy the beach.


You are not limited to the Isle of Man. With 17 years in the industry OTRT has many highly regarded contacts, not only are guest spots and convention opportunities available but we already posses licenses for the UK


Loyalty is important to us. We don’t just want to offer you a job but we want you to have a career with us. Become a worthwhile member of the team and in time invest in a studio that you own.

Monthly Outings

We keep them low. After 17 years in the game we have great relationships with our suppliers. We only buy the very best materials for the very best prices. More profit means more earning opportunities for you.

Company Training

Not only will you learn every aspect of running a tattoo studio. Our contacts and partners within the industry make available some of the very latest product to test and feedback on. You will be ahead of the game at the cutting edge.


Interested?! Talk with us to Setup an Interview

Should you have read all of the above then you could well be the person that I am looking for, if you didn’t make it this far then perhaps you do not posses the attention to detail that we require at OTRT. There is no closing date or deadline for this position, the position will only be filled when we find the right person to join the team. Unfortunately there is no work permit available with this opportunity I am seeking a Manx Tattoo Artist to join my team.


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